Pure Pumps sanitary products line includes a number of different pump types - each one exclusively developed within their specific application area. The pumps can be fitted with a variety of features and components to adapt to specific pumping tasks. 


Collective these features and components make Pure Pump's sanitary line the perfect choice for a variety of applications, such as:


• Pharmaceuticals

• Biotech

• Cosmetic

• Food

• Beverage

• Poultry


Customer Installations



Poultry plant had an application requiring the transfer of hot buffalo sauce from 200 liter drums and vats to a chicken breast cooking line. 






Standard pump installed five SP-8700-39 FDA compliant centrifugal pumps powered by SP-A2 motors. The SP-8700 series proved to be an ideal solution eliminating countless wasted hours the plant disassembling other types of pumps. 




Transferring a flammable pharmaceutical ingredient from a 200 liter barrel. 






Install a SP-8600-39 Sanitary Drum pump. 




Transfer a viscous cosmetic ingredient from a 200 liters drum to a hopper located on top of a filling station. 






Install a SP-800DD pump with a SP-522 motor.